I don’t believe in any gods, and think religion is dangerous and very harmful. The Rainbow Gathering had a good selection of them though. There were temples for Hare Krishna, Shiva, and even a few Jesuses and Marys around. This flippant attitude changed though, at the End of the World.

When everything is wet, it feels like it will never stop raining, you are vomiting and the jungle is trying to eat you, Gods seem to come back. I like sacred songs whatever I think of the content. In the dark I prayed to the rain to stop, and apologised to Krishna for singing but not believing.

A Christian minister once told me, when questioned, that praying is something people do because it is all they can do. Find a real way to control the environment and prayer is useless.

Gods aren’t disappearing directly because of science taking over as a method of understanding the world, they are disappearing because there is less suffering. Modern life gives more comfort and less disease. With control of your environment, waterproof roofs, heating, and factory farming, there is no desperation, and no need for gods of rain and corn.