Cancun is a tourist resort. It’s made of hotels. It doesn’t seem quite as bad as Maspalomas - there are some areas where people live, but it’s still not somewhere I would like to spend much time. It was hard to find any food that would not make me feel sick. Maybe there are good parts but I felt I had to get out of there before I went mad.

I took the bus, as crazyguyonabike blogs told me the only routes out were big boring roads. Cycling to the bus was quite exciting - mostly busses and collectivos on the dual carriageway. Large roundabouts and weird junctions I had not seen before. The general idea seems to be to drive on the right but overtaking is done on whichever side is convenient.

Putting the bike on the bus was trivial. Did not even need to remove panniers. Far superior service to busses in the UK.

My bike felt like a bus. Total weight of bike and gear was 55kg when I left Manchester. The ADO bus, when I was on it, rolled along with a similar feeling.