First day in Mexico

Just some notes

Police truck with armed man standing in back. I can’t imagine how this is a useful strategy from a military perspective - he is far too exposed and would be shot before he could do anything. I guess it is primarily security theatre - an attempt to intimidate the people into doing what they are told.

Tried to find vegan food, settled for vegetarian. Ordered peas, got meat - pork I think. Ate it - think throwing away would be adding serious insult to injury.

Still hot at night - not like Canaries where temp drops with the sun. Very humid - outside like a warm sauna. Later noted condensation on the outside of bus windows.

Could not find fruit - wee shops pretty much just sell crisps and fizzy drinks. Contraband fruit taken at airport. Probably a sign of a troublesome free thinker.

In Germany drinking tea means are ill, here you must be a hippie.

The Simpsons speak Spanish in Mexico. Almost all TV dubbed. Probably when English limited here, cf. Netherlands.

Being forced to remember / learn Spanish already. Maybe should take a course. Many menu words not in Spanish dictionary. Mexican only terms maybe? Should have bought Mexican Spanish book saw at airport.

Not seen many Mexicans yet.

I am hearing accents I have only heard before on American T.V. shows. I really like the (American) Indian accent from them, which a hotel receptionist has. It is reassuring, as if his knowledge about the location of Walmart is something passed through generations of tribes.

First shop I found was an electronics one. I mean one which actually had multimeters and components, not washing machines. They had isopropanol and thermal paste. I wanted to do that job on Thinkpad before I left. Ha. You can always buy stuff later.