Fruit is not Allowed

“Fruit is not allowed”, the customs officer said dissaprovingly. This seems true not only of imports, but generally in Cancun. There are plenty of small shops but they pretty much just sell crisps and sugary drinks. I ate mostly sugar and felt sick.

I quickly gave up on finding vegan food and tried for vegetarian. I ordered some quesadillas after carefull study of the menu and dictionary, but still got meat. I ate it anyway. I think not to would be adding insult to injury. I wouldn’t be very impressed if someone killed me for food and then decided to throw me in the bin instead. I felt sick.

Tortilla vegetariano for breakfast, served with refried beans. Interesting, but eggs and cheese. Felt a bit sick.

Then I found Walmart. Here fruit is allowed - it is quite overwhelming. It’s stacked high - it would crush you if it fell over - and is all perfect. Every apple is shiny and without blemish, and lit by green light. They must be genetically engineered, irradiated, and coated with insectiside. Nevertheless, I imagine the scale of the place and quantity of food could make a hungy person cry.

The last time I tried to use a McDonalds drive through (in Penrith (England)) they wouldn’t let me. Here they did. McDonalds was a theme on my last cycle tour I wanted to avoid this time, but it seem to have happened already. I wanted food without having to leave my bike. I didn’t want to try the street vendors because I have plenty of things to do for the moment without being sick. I tried to order a vegeburger but they didn’t understand. It was not the langugae, I tried Spanish and English, they did not understand the concept of not eating meat. I ordered chicken and felt nothing. It tasted of nothing, was probably mostly breadcrumbs. I need to get out of here.

My water bottle holder does not work well for coffee cups. There is another gadget to rig up.

In Nigeria if there is no meat in a meal people will be unimpressed and think you are poor. I suspect poor countries go through a phase of everyone wanting meat as a sign of affluence. Maybe they will grow out of it.