River MacLeod

Nomadic Hacker

I'm a full stack generalist, who can work with anything from designing business processes, through front end and back end development, to DevOps, operations, infrastructure design, and pulling network cable. I travel, and live on a sailing boat.

I'm interested in correct, secure code, and doing things properly, even if it takes longer.

Things I've Made

Light Charts

Coastal Light Charts

A lighting controller for nautical charts.

Electronics, Optical fibre, C++


I created this web app for selling car insurance in Kenya.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Ansible, FreeBSD, Linux, AWS


Conway's Game of Life

HTML5, Javascript, JQuery UI

Mediothek Afghanistan

I built this website for a charity working in Afghanistan, according to the specification of the designer.

Drupal, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap

River Song

A unicycle which generates sound based on how fast and far you travel.

Unicycle, Arduino, Pure Data

Things I've Contributed to


Bug reports and code

Bug reports


Data, Bug info

Hire Me!

I am currently looking for work on a contract basis. I can work remotely, or onsite depending on location.

What I can do

I can build you an app for a new startup, an MVP, prototype, or full intial product. I can improve and fix existing apps and websites. I can automate the deployment of your app, or design and deploy the hosting infrastructure. I have a diverse skill set, so just ask!

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