I was asked to build a web app for a new car insurance business in Kenya. This would be the first company to sell insurance online there.

It was interesting working on a project in this country, because I had to learn about how people did business here, how they pay for things (M-Pesa), how deliveries are made (motorbike courier for example).

A large part of this project was the pricing engine. I had to determine the price for all insurance types, largely based on documents from the Insurance Regulatory Authority, which were badly specified and full of edge cases. There were also other terms from various companies, and the usual practice of agencies to consider.

I designed and built the front end (HTML5, SASS, javascript, jQuery), backend (Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL), integrations with payment servies (paypal, kopokopo for M-Pesa), and infrastructure. I used Ansible to install and configure FreeBSD and Ubuntu servers with the application, database, logging (syslog to central server), backups on-site and to Amazon S3, firewalls, nginx front end / router.

The site was available to the public for a short time, but unfortunatly is no longer available to see as it is now in use internally by another company.

Here's what the site looked like at one point:

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