Intimate Shitting

Someone told me one special Rainbow experience I had to have was sharing a shit pit. She said if you haven’t been elbow to elbow with someone on the next trench then you don’t know them, or something like that.

Ten minutes later I was using the shit pit and someone came along and asked if he could join me, so I said yes. Of everyone this could have been, he was a nurse, and apart, therefore, from being an expert on shit, he seemed to have a particular interest.

Unprovoked, he explained his ideas. He thought illness could be a beautiful thing because an inability to do things yourself such as wiping your bum means you must become closer to other people. He thought illnesses were for a reason, and must teach you something or have some benefit.

Another nurse I spoke to said she hated wiping bums. She quit to go travelling.

I’m afraid I didn’t take a photo for this post.