Finally Moving

I spent over two weeks at the Rainbow Gathering, then a couple of days in Palenque getting my solar rack fixed. Before that I had been in hostels working on computer related stuff, so apart from the road to the Rainbow I had cycled very little. I was starting to get frustrated and feeling trapped by my gear, admin and thoughts.

The bike was so far mostly a burden and extra expense on busses. It had already needed repair work. I had almost forgotten what it was for, and felt I could not move. I didn’t know whether to go on to Merida, then across to Chichen Itza and Tulum as planned, to head straight over to Chetumal and Belize, or to go to San Cristobal de las Casas, which I had heard was a bike and vegan friendly town. I was thinking and not moving.

Suddenly I realised I was right beside a freedom machine. I resolved I was going to cycle today no matter what. Without a map, without doing a better job of the solar rack or testing it, without any more gear, and without a well considered decision about where to go. I just had to move.

I started cycling and it worked. I felt better as soon as I was rolling.