Some Recent Karma

I very rarely lose things, but recently I lost a cooking pot, by proxy. I lent it to someone. The last thing I remember losing before that was a lighter. The lighter I was given by someone at a house I stayed in, and it was lost when I lent it to someone in another house.

The lost pot I bought, but then I remembered when I was on La Palma, I had acquired a pot after a party, because I needed one to go walking in the mountains. People told me it would be ok to take one if I asked around and checked it did not belong to anyone in particular. I think it came from the communal equipment collection at the nearby cave community, where many of the people were Rainbow. I think my pot was taken by someone when it was left lying around at the Oaxaca Rainbow gathering.

I started to wonder if I was going to lose the spoon I got on La Palma too, but then I remembered I had given a KFS to someone at the Palenque Rainbow, so it is probably safe. :)

Property seems to flow more when travelling. Property and people.

When I set off on this cycling journey I left a girl in Edinburgh. This morning a girl left me to travel south.