Babylon by Bus

When it came time to leave the Oaxaca Rainbow Gathering, we were offered a lift up the road. This turned out to be in an orange VW Bus called Gail, with a figurehead of a ginger woman painted on the spare wheel.

We were given a joining briefing. She runs on gas, oil and love. Normally she has a driver, driver’s assistant, navigator, and band who sit in the back. She was certainly well used, and I can see that she really must be held together with love, as the string may not otherwise have been strong enough. I can see how you can love a bus like this. My dreads kept getting caught in something on the roof. Maybe she wanted a lock of my hair. :)

As we went up the sandy road through the coconut palms a man told a travel horror story, over the considerable noise of the engine.

We made it to the main road, and after saying hello to some people on another bus, returned to Babylon on a bus where we had to pay a fare.

We arrived at Salina Cruz, and I went a bit mad. At the Rainbow I was eating healthily, vegan food, no sugar or caffeine. Now there were bright lights, food and smells. I thought I smelt popcorn. It was esquites - corn. I bought a cup. Then I wanted to try everything I saw - ice cream, burgers, tortas, coffee. I ate churros next, which are similar to donuts but shaped like a star prism. I also drank coffee and ate a cheese torta which was recommended by a local. I felt very strange and didn’t stop talking until asleep on the bus home to San Cristobal.

I would like to travel by hippie bus one day.