The Hermitage of Boat

Recently, the boat has been my hermitage. We are moored in a place of nothing to do, but it is calm. It’s really quite pleasant when the weather is coöperating, even in winter the cold is compensated for by views of ice and frost and snow.

I have spent some months on my own. Sometimes I am depressed, and sometimes happy, but I think this would be the case wherever I was. Being alone is not a problem.

I only noticed being lonely when I returned to society. Being at a large event, or even in a city, is lonely if you don’t have friends. Boat in the middle of nowhere is fine though.

The main thing I noticed missing when I started talking to people was ideas. Talking to people and going to lectures helped me come up with some new projects. I didn’t realise this was something I was missing last year. Not just when on my own, but after a whole year with only one other person, there are not many new ideas either.