Torchwood Spinning Triangle

Drawn with SVG and CSS3 3D transforms

I was watching Torchwood this evening when for some reason the spinning triangle suddenly made me think of CSS 3D transforms. I had to do it.

The triangle is an inline svg. CSS specifies that transitions should be done smoothly over time. Javascript pokes the triangle every two seconds to rotate it. Requires webkit for now.

Update: This seems to be the symbol of "The Families".

Update: A better version and Mobile Apps

Here is a version on its own page, with correct colours: Torchwood Spinning Triangle. In Chrome, it glows.

iPhone / iOS

The same version can also be installed as an iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) app, although it seems to be rather temperamental. Visit the page on your iOS device then press the bookmark button and select "Add to Home Screen".


Updated 22 Aug 2013: I've also turned it into a native Android App.I have no idea if this works - I have never made an Android app before and I don't even have a device to test it on! I'll be very surprised and pleased to hear if it does work. If so, I might make a better version and put it on the Android Marketplace. It didn't work, but I have made a new version, which does work on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Let me know if it works or not for you.