Book Review: 177 Days Adrift

I recently finished reading 117 Days Adrift, by Maurice and Maralyn Bailey. It’s about their survival in a liferaft and inflatable dingy after their yacht was holed by a probably harpooned whale.

The writing is pretty dry and boring. It really doesn’t reflect what it must have felt like. It’s also quite repetitive, as parts are told by both of them. I don’t really care exactly where they stowed everything in the raft either.

There is some interesting stuff about fish and turtles, and possibly useful ideas about catching them. Also some things I might not have thought of, like making torches and smoke with clothes, coat hangers, and paraffin. Also interesting that all these things proved useful - worth picking up everything you can even if it doesn’t seem immediately useful.

They were eventually picked up by a fishing boat and later got a new yacht.

There must be better told survival stories but the book is quite quick anyway and maybe useful.