HF Bicycle Mobile Experiment - Part 3 - Illustration

Today the unusually good weather required me to take the bike out for a spin. I took some photos and video of the station while I was out. It’s described in more detail in Part 1.

Pay no attention to the audio behind the wind-noise - I think all I said was that I was using the FT-817 and 5W.

HF Bike Mobile on Blackford Hill

15m 1/4 wave and 2 J-Pole. The latter is held together with masking tape - I’ll need to fix that better as well. Two sections of pole is the minimum for the J-Pole. Three sections seems to be ok on most roads. Four sections, as shown here, hits trees on some roads. It is no higher than a bus though so should be ok on main roads.


The ground tuning capacitor. Red goes to coax braid, yellow to frame.

Everything survived being bashed down the back of the hill, where there are now steps, some of which I rode over. Low trees ripped off the J-Pole though.

More photos