Corporations are Demons

“The Corporation”, a film, argues that corporations are psychopaths. It reaches this conclusion by considering the diagnostic criteria and the behaviour of various companies. I think the film is right, but further I think that corporations are demons.

What is a demon? There may be other kinds, but I am going to talk about a kind which I think can be understood and believed without any special spiritual belief. Demons are something that you believe in, probably fear, and can hurt you. In a sense they are imaginary, but that does not mean they are not real. It’s quite possible for thoughts to hurt you and others.

What is a corporation? It is an imaginary person. By law, companies are defined as people. They are allowed to act in the world as people, for example by owning things and making contracts. Despite being called corporations, they have no body. You cannot kill them and see the corps. They are not real, they are just made up and only exist in the mind. They are however real in the effect they have. If you tell people you don’t believe in companies (or money for that matter), they might think you are mad, even when they would deny the existence of demons, which are of the same nature.

A company is not just the sort of demon that lives in one person though - they are collectively created. They are created and sustained by many minds. In occult terms, this creature is called an egregore.

The influence of a company extends beyond the members and directors. They gather energy in the form of mental attention throughout society by use of magickal symbols which they fight to display everywhere. By means of this mind control they extract money, tolerance, and regulatory favours. To be clear, they have logos, which can also be called sigils, and advertisements - a sort of black magick designed to control the victims mind. These tricks insert the company sigils and servitors into your unconscious mind, controlling you even without you knowing it. If you think this is nonsense, you need only research the effectiveness of advertising.

Some companies gain almost all of their power directly by collecting and controlling information and feeding it to people. Thankfully these creatures are still somewhat limited by their ability to project out of the computer networks and into our minds. For now, they are mostly seen through the scrying mirrors they have convinced so many of us to carry. They have pressed into homes with microphones and cameras to monitor us, and speakers to talk. The fact they have tricked so many people to accept this when it was not long ago written of as a horrific dystopia shows how much power they have. They still feel limited though by the barrier between internet and human minds. The promotion of the metaverse is an attempt to break the thinning veil and give them unlimited access to our psyche. Beware.

Corporations are created by prescribed incantations in the arcane language of law. (A profession in which, in England anyway, the higher degrees of initiation are granted by societies such as “The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple”.) Their names and motivations are inscribed in grimoires maintained by countries (a sort of arch-corporation) which support them by use of violence against humans who do not serve them. Company formation also requires an initial sacrifice of humans called directors who are bound to serve them.

Directors may be seen as having power over the company. This is partly true, but they are also bound by it. They are part of a control loop, and also controlled by other interests. If you think the CEO is in charge, imagine what would happen to the boss of Shell if he decided to order a halt to oil extraction because he doesn’t want environmental collapse to hurt his children.

Corporations are maintained by recruiting or enslaving people by tempting them with money and power. These people so incorporated give the company agency in the physical world. With growing physical power, they do not even need to offer a good bargain anymore, because they can simply force people to work for them by controlling access to food and shelter - that is, life.

How are they banished? Fighting them directly may be a distraction. They run on your energy, so do not give them any. Do not feed them or display their sigils. Instead, use your energy to build communities and create change that you want, not what you have been told to want. This requires the use of imagination, and hope. These things have likely been sucked from you, but you can rebuild resources when you realise what is happening and how to escape. If you wish to create a shared entity, be careful to give it a good spirit. Create an angel of loving grace.

Bibliography: This post was partly inspired by, The Corporation (film), and knowledge from the underworld