Love and Light as a Service

I was walking with a girl in Maspalomas and discussing the squatting and recycling lifestyle when a tourist turned round and gave her €20. We don’t know why.

I asked her how she felt about taking money for nothing. I don’t really like the idea. She argued that she did not just take from the conventional society, but provided some value, by spreading love and light.

Initially I thought this sounded like ridiculous hippie nonsense but later I came to think that it is true. I think most people, ultimately, just want to be happy. One thing that I find makes me happy is being around happy people.

I believe there is a French saying that “there is only one smile”. When someone sees the smile, zie then smiles, and so the smile is passed on. Thus a pool of unfettered happy people should help to support global happiness.

I think the world would be a much better place if there were more people who dedicated themselves to happiness. What else is life for?

So what about a Cloud based Love & Light service? I suppose that’s going to be called and have plenty of node.js and rounded corners.