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I successfully arrived at IndieWeb camp Düsseldorf this morning, after an overnight train trip and very little sleep. I managed to not miss the train by about 2 minutes, despite choosing one at 2am so that I would have a day to get ready. The breakfast was pretty good, with fruit and spinach smoothies, and strange but tasty toast of fruit and mustard. :)

I was on a train to Interlaken, which was fun because if I stayed on I would have ended up in an Alpnie ski resort. Someone on the train who did some sort of cloud infrastructure stuff gave me some Swedish whisky, which I had seen in System Bolaget before but didn’t buy because it cost what things cost in Sweden. Svensk Ek it was called. Very smooth and quite sweet, it was pleasant and would be easy to drink a lot of it, unlike Scotch whiskys where you really know you are drinking them. I slept a bit after my nightcap / breakfast whisky. It’s all a bit confusing at 4am.

Now people are lying in the sun.