SOTA Operation

Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an amateur radio award scheme designed to encourage people to operate at the top of hills and mountains.

My first summit was Ben Chonzie, on 23 October 1999, about a year after I was first licenced as 2M1GYX. This was years before SOTA came about and it was hard to make any contacts.

Last year I discovered SOTA which has made things much easier because now when I go up hills there are often people listening for me. SOTA watch allows me to post alerts of future activations. Spots of current activity can be posted by anyone hearing an activator or from a summit using SMS.

My full activation list is available in the SOTA database but unfortunately this does not seem to be directly linkable. I've decided to try writing up some of my activations now which I will list on this page.

Activation Reports

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