MM0HAI Operation

Modes of Operation

I don't operate from a base station much. This is partly because it's not a very good site: there is severe QRM and poor VHF coverage. I also find it rather boring to hear someone say 5 and 9, which is almost all they do on HF.

Instead, I like to combine radio with other activities: I do it in interesting places and modes of transport.

As for places, this usually means up hills and doing SOTA activations.

Transport includes bicycle, unicycle, kayak, train, and a long time ago, bus. I have also operated maritime mobile from yachts but have yet to operating on the London Underground[1] or a motorbike. There are more ways to be mobile than by using a car.

I also operate pedestrian[2] mobile, usually in the hills but occasionally in town.

The Station

I have a Yaesu FT-857 on the boat, but don't have a good / permanent antenna setup yet. I have a manual tuner and experiment with pulling wires up the mast.

I also have an Icom T8E, but now prefer the Baofeng, mostly because of it's batter life and power output.


  1. Some people have tried underground railway operation. See here and here
  2. I dislike the term pedestrian in this case because of its modern connotations and limitation to built up areas. However, it seems that it had a different meaning in the past.
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